Ashuplados!!!! Meringue Clouds…..

Meringue clouds…..a divine confection of the Gods!  A special occasion delicacy passed down by our grandmothers !

Growing up, we knew it was a very special occasion when Grandma made Ashuplados……meringue clouds!  Sweet….light as a feather, a light shell on the outside. Texture, sweetness……simply….divine!!!

They look beautiful on a sweet table, and delight young and more mature and sophisticated palettes alike!

These are one of my mom’s signature delicacies.  They were prepared this week for my young cousin’s  “Banyo di Novia”.  They are a superb Pesah treat, as well.

Give them a try!  And let us know how they turn out!!

Kaye (Hasson) Israel’s Ashuplados


1 ¾ Cup sugar

6 eggs – (you will use the whites ONLY)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Separate eggs.  Use whites ONLY.  Place in a COMPLETELY dry mixing bowl. (moisture will adversely affect the creating of the meringue).

Using an electric stand mixer, begin mixing the egg whites and gradually add the sugar.  Continuing beating on high for approximately 20 minutes.  Mixing will be done when the mixture stands in very stiff peaks.

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. ( there was a time when brown paper bags were cut and used to line these pans to ensure a very dry surface.  However, parchment seems a more sanitary alternative available these days!!)

Spoon mounds of the meringue onto the lined cookie sheets.  Ashuplados can be made as large or small as you wish. My mom used heaping tablespoons to create these clouds.

We sprinkle nonpareils on top for a festive look.

Before putting them in the oven, TURN HEAT DOWN to 225 degrees.  Bake for one hour.

Ashuplados can be made one day before serving. They are best enjoyed for a day or two after preparation.  By the third or fourth day they become dry and are not as good as when first prepared.

Yield:  approximately 48 ashuplados

11 thoughts on “Ashuplados!!!! Meringue Clouds…..

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  2. These were one of the treat on Pesach for us mother (e’l) made them as one of her special delicacies. Thank you for sharing your mother and her recipes with all of us. She is a treasure! Hag Pesach Sameach…Pesach Alegre.


  3. Happy Pesah to you all! As anyone in my family and circle of friends will tell you, these are my favorites…along with borekas, boyos, reshas, biscochos. Oh well, I have a lot of favorites. Thank you and your Mom for taking on this wonderful project.



  4. Auntie Kaye, thank you for sharing all your specialties with us. And Marcia, my Custer, thank you for your time and effort. You’ve made it possible for all of us to carry on our traditions.
    Pesah Alegre,


  5. Hi, I wanted to tell you that your mom always makee the best ashuplados and now I feel confident that I can do it too. Pesach Alegre, I look forward to more recipes and more links to wonderful music.


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