Haggadah Highlights in the ‘Rhodesli Tradition’ from Neil Sheff

Thanks to Neil Sheff who has grown up in Los Angeles with the Rhodeslis and absorbed the soul of this community – we now can hear the words, melodies and tones of the Haggadah as it’s been chanted by our parents and grandparents in the Rhodesli tradition.  Neil, a leader of the Sephardic community throughout the world, is also the President of the Sephardic Educational Center as well as a practicing attorney in Beverly Hills, CA.  Click on the links below, close your eyes and let your heart smile (as mine has been doing all evening!).  You’ll love this!

Neil…..this is an unbelievably beautiful gift you have given us.  It’s like having long missed generations here with us again. Thank you, Pasha!

Neil Sheff – Pesah 1  

Neil Sheff – Pesah 2

Neil Sheff – Pesah 3

Neil Sheff – Pesah 4

Neil Sheff – Pesah 5

Neil Sheff – Pesah 6

Neil Sheff – Pesah 7

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