After spending many years busy, running, raising a family and as a “professional volunteer”, I am finally taking ownership of my kitchen and learning to cook…..especially the adored Sephardic recipes from my family! I am blessed to have my mom, Kaye (Hasson) Israel, a cook and extraordinary
baker, close by to guide me through the techniques and subtleties of these wonderful culinary treats. As we’ve baked and I’ve mentioned it online to friends, many have asked and asked again for recipes and tips. So, here we go…..as we cook, we’ll share the recipes and tips so you, too, can make some of these sumptuous delights yourselves.

In addition, I continue to follow dozens of blogs and sites and frequently find noteworthy recipes and ideas that I will share on this space, suggest blogs and sites you might choose to visit, and post articles, stories and links that strike a chord with me, and I think might so do with you!

“Bendichos Manos”…….. “Blessed Hands”, a compliment to a cook, a blessing bestowed on a hostess. May you enjoy our recipes and tidbits! Please leave a comment or two and let us know what you think. You responses will keep this blog going!

May your hands be blessed….

~Marcia Israel WeingartenIMG_3712
My mom, Kaye Israel and I. February, 2018

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  1. thanks to my cousins anita and sally in california who have forwarded this blog…
    great to see our culture being kept alive…

    tizke li mitzvot…

    howard franco


  2. Good morning,

    I am a chef and caterer living in Paris (native of Istanbul). I am trying to promote our delicious Sephardic cuisine, mostly using the traditional recipes of my grandmothers by give cooking lessons, participating to conferences, writing to newspapers/magazines.
    I try to follow all new stuff on the net related to Sephardic cuisine. Congratulations for your new blog. I will surely come and visit it from time to time. If you ever want to share thoughts/ideas etc. don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Sibel Pinto


  3. I just stumbled on this website and couldn’t believe what I was reading!

    Marcia, this is terrific and kudos to you for getting it all together! You’ve done a fantastic job and I look forward to receiving future posts in my e-mail!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    (P.S. Give my love to your parents!)


  4. I am interested in learning more about non-Ashkenazi Jewish holiday and lifecycle rituals (especially those particular to Jews of different communities around the world). I would welcome the opportunity to talk with people from different communities and welcome resources as well…Thank you….



  5. My hobby is the spanish in China history.

    I search information about a spanish sephardic Albet Cohen.

    I know what Albert Cohen is a spanish men, sephardic jew, he has propietary of Star Ricksha Co a big company in Shnaghai.

    He is married and he lived Shanghai since 1917 or above

    He has very popular in the jewish comunity and mrs cohen open the shanghai jewish club

    He with their family or only theis family (3 sons o daugthers) leave Shanghai to Los Angeles (USA) in 193?.

    He deaded in 1934 but in 1935 with their money he has make “the ohel avraham” next “Sephardic Hebrew Center” in 55 con Hoover Avenue.

    Their family live in USA

    HAs you any aditional information?


    Juan Pablo


  6. Your website was forwarded to me and I love it. I have signed up and look forward to future editions. Keep up the good worik.

    Joyce Ben-Ezra


  7. Hi Marcia, I just came across your blog and post about the Ladino version of Daienu. Very interesting! I have a blog called, “Too Good To Passover,” which focuses on Sephardic Passover recipes, traditions, and memories and would love to learn more about your family’s Sephardic traditions for this holiday. I will take a further look into your blog! (Just signed up!)


  8. Marcia, I love your blog. I especially love your sharing your mom with us. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit with you last year in LA. Perhaps we can meet over coffee with my cousin Linda next time in town. Keep posting!!


  9. Marcia, my father was Jack Israel from Portland Oregon. I believe we met at the first Israel Family Reunion in Salt Lake City many years ago when all the Jack Israels were there. I learned how to make all the Sephardic delicacies from my mother Becky and my maternal grandmother Joya Menashe. My other grandma Victoria Israel was also a fabulous cook.

    My sister now carries on the tradition of Sevollas Reinados for Pesah. Nothing like a good Sephardic comida.

    Francine Israel Frisch


  10. Hey there, i just discovered this blog while searching for family traditions and it is incredible! i think we might actually be distant cousins?


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