Yehoram Gaon singing "Un Kavretiko"

My boys love being with our whole family for the Passover Seder.  They enjoy our special foods, the “agada”, the Passover story we tell, much of it in Ladino….and the songs….”our songs”…..those special Pesah melodies and Ladino words that bind our family and  our  Sephardic community.   All the cousins know the words and joyously join in, proclaiming their membership in this special group…these songs, these traditions that distinguish our family.  These are the sounds of “home”.

Yehoram Gaon, one of my all time favorite singers of Hebrew and Ladino songs, has two very special albums of Shabbat and of Pesah tunes in the Ladino tradition.  They can be downloaded on iTunes.  I highly recommend that you download and enjoy this music!

Go to iTunes;  click on the iTunes Store link on the left; type in the name: Yehoram Gaon in the search box.  Click on the albums Piytim Leshabbat and Shirim LePesach.  You can listen to a piece of each song before you download.  I think you will enjoy them all!

For the upcoming Passover holiday, check out the following from the Ladino Hit Parade:    Un Kavritiko.

Sing along…..I’ll post the words, and you and your families can add them to your Seder this year!!!!

Check out this YouTube video:

Let us know what you think!!!

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