Passover Concludes and A Recipe for “Ahashu”

Passover 2011 is behind us! We marked the conclusion of the holiday in the tradition of the Jewish community of Rhodes with a picnic at Lake Balboa, as planned by Sue (di Edward) Mizrahi. “Tradition tells us”, said Sue, “that our families in Rhodes would conclude Pesah with a picnic at Zimbouli (Rhodini) Park. On their return to the Juderia, they would pick sprays of greenery and spring blossoms to decorate every room in the house. Bunches of willows would be displayed to indicate that Pesah had ended and that the home could be restocked with leavened foods. Time for borekas again!!!” So, together with a group of family and friends, we enjoyed the beautiful spring evening in the San Fernando Valley and and concluded our celebration of Pesah!

Now, what to do with the matzah that might be still be in our kitchens? After eight days, it is hard to contemplate another meal with the flat bread. My mom mentioned Ahashu, a caramelized confection that brings memories of a time gone by. And then Howard Franco mentioned it in a note today. SO….it’s time to post the recipe my mom uses for Ahashu, a treat, indeed…..and a great use of that left over matzah!!


1 c. water
3 c. farfel or 4 chopped matzah
1/2. tsp. ginger
1 c. sugar
1 c. chopped nuts, toasted
1/2 c. honey

Toast farfel or matzah lightly in oven. Cook sugar, honey and water until sticky. Add matzah and let cook over medium heat 5 minutes while stirring. Add ginger and nuts. Spread in flat Pyrex dish; spoon into pastry cups. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Passover Concludes and A Recipe for “Ahashu”

  1. Hi Marcia, have you ever heard of or prepared a soup called “Minestra Dayenu” for the end of Passover? The Italians add egg yolks to chicken stock and mix in pieces of matzah so that it cooks like pasta.


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