“Purim, Purim, Purim lanu, Pesah, Pesah a la mano!”

Purim is here, Pesah is right around the corner!!!   So some Purim “allegre” for now…and Pesah recipes coming!

I remember when my boys were young, my mother would make “Folares”, or “Haman in Jail” as the boys called them, for Purim.  The Folare was made of Bureka dough wrapped around a hard boiled egg.  The strips of dough form a “cage” or “jail” around the egg. The egg represented the evil Haman from the Purim story, who is ultimately punished for his plot to harm the Jews.

My mother would make a base of the dough with a coin wrapped inside as a prize for the boys.  I remember the year she made a batch and brought them to the Synagogue nursery school to share with all the children!  They shrieked with delight at their special treat and loved that they knew the story of Purim and could relate to the tale she told!

I am linking to a recipe for Folares posted by my friend Linda Capeluto Sendowski at “Boreka Diary”. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to make them for your family and friends!


Also, a few “Canticas” for Purim to enjoy:



Purim Joy, “Purim Allegre” to you all!!!!!

(reprinted from February 24, 2010)

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