Keftes de Prassa – Leek Patties for Pesah

Reprinting a family favorite…

There are several foods that my mom prepares especially and only for Pesah.  Keftes de Prassa (leek patties) is one of those specialities.

In our family, these are vegetarian – others make them with ground meat. (these are one of my husband’s very favorite Sephardic treats!!)

This is my mom’s method for Keftes de Prassa.


1 large onion – chopped

8 medium stalks of leek

3 eggs

2 tblsp matzah meal

1 C mashed potato or 1 C mashed potato flakes

pepper to taste

*optional pinch of red pepper flakes

*****(One side note – for ease of preparation: Trader Joe’s has packages of pre-cut leek in the freezer section – cuts down on preparation time! Boil the leek for about 20 − 30 minutes until soft. Rise under cool water. Squeeze water from leek. (then squeeze again – and again. Then, just one more time – it is amazing how match liquid can be removed, and so doing will help ensure the best possible results. Continue to follow as below)

to fry: 2/3 C oil
Prepare leeks.  Cut 1/4″ from top and bottom.  Cut in half vertically.  Soak and clean leeks throughly.  (leeks, by nature, often have a good amount of fine dirt between leaves. Make sure to clean carefully) Cut into 1/2″ pieces.

Boil cut leek and chopped onion in a pot of water ( covering mixture), until vegetables are soft and limp.

Drain ( squeeze out) all liquid.  Add additional ingredients.  Blend into an even leek-onion mixture. Shape into patties.

Fry on medium heat until both sides are slightly browned.

Drain on a paper towel. Divine freshly made…..can be frozen, sealed tight.

Defrost and place on a cookie sheet and warm in the oven at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until warmed throughly.


9 thoughts on “Keftes de Prassa – Leek Patties for Pesah

  1. OMG – before our grandson married in 2014, his fiancée insisted she MUST learn how to make these wonderful keftes — now they make them together!!
    yes, thank you Trader Joe’s for the frozen
    Leah Amato Franco – Atlanta GA


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