UCLadino 2016

A very worthwhile two day symposium will be held in Los Angeles this next week, Wednesday March 2 and Thursday, March 3, 2016 at UCLA.  Sign up….come for both days, come for one day, come for part of a day.  But DO respond and let them know you’ll be there so they set up appropriately.

In its fifth consecutive year, UCLadino is a symposium for the exchange of knowledge, innovative research and cultural traditions of the Ladino, Judeo-Spanish Jewish language and traditions.

There are a wealth of programs this year that I am so looking forward to!  First I must mention that two of the greatest luminaries in Ladino study will be part of the same symposium.

Dr Kirschen recently received his PhD from UCLA. While studying there he co-founded and became director of UCLadino. We were fortunate to have him teach classes to the community on the Ladino language and culture at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA. He is already a star in the field of Ladino and Sephardic studies.   A treat to have him back in Los Angeles for a few days.

Professor Devin E. Naar received his PhD from Stanford University.  How fortunate that he found a home at the University of Washington, fast becoming, in my opinion, THE Center for Ladino and Sephardic Studies in the US.  Dr. Naar was just named the Isaac Alhadeff Professor of Sephardic Studies at UW ( which always puts a sweet smile in my heart of remembrance and respect for Ike).  He is the driving force behind the ‘Sephardic Treasures Project‘ housed at UW, a sought after speaker on Sephardic and Ladino studies and a visionary. His biography is stellar, his trajectory as a leader to keep the Sephardic and Ladino traditions academically researched, recorded, alive and relevant is explosive!

There are a myriad of additional speakers and programs.  One that caught my eyes – Thursday morning Molly Fitzmorris from the University of Washington.  Her topic, “The o’s and u’s: Vowel Raising in Seattle Ladino’s Rhodesli Dialect.”  Something I’ve always noticed and been aware of – fascinated to realized it is a topic relevant of academic inquiry!

Read through the program.  So very much to take the opportunity to hear and explore.  Consider attending.  See the links attached.

I hope we see you there!

program for UCLadino 2016


2 thoughts on “UCLadino 2016

  1. Hi and thank you for spreading the word about this wonderful program that we have in out “backyard” at UCLA.
    I am planning to attend and to be enriched by all that I will hear and see.
    To hear the Ladino language is “music to my soul!”


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