An Online Course: The Rise and Fall of Ladino Speaking Jews

What a spectacular opportunity!  An online class taught by Professor Devin Naar.  Dr. Naar is the Issac Alhadeff Professor in Sephardic Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle.  All the details are right here.  Class begins March 21……I am so looking forward to it!  Sign up!  Join me!

I am still glowing from the precious opportunity to learn with some wonderful people at the symposium, UCLadino.  I invite other attendees to share your experiences and observations with us all in the comments section.  What a joy it is to hear of the scholarship and study of Ladino and our Sephardic culture and traditions.   Along with the treat of seeing and hearing from Professors Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Devin Naar and Bryan Kirschen, it was a treat to hear Professor Jessica Marglin from USC and some of her very insightful students.  In addition, a collection of community members shared their Sephardic Stories with the symposia over the two days.

The are more opportunities ahead which we look forward to sharing.   For now…..check out Professor Naar’s online class.

We always look forward to your input.  Comment below, join the conversation on Facebook by joining our Group Bendichas Manos! Or send us a note,

Blessings always,

-Bendichas Manos



3 thoughts on “An Online Course: The Rise and Fall of Ladino Speaking Jews

  1. The second day of the UCladino Symposium was also filled with enlightening intelligent thoughtful observations about Ladino. The presentations on music and Flamenco as well as Ladino humor with Joha tales and folklore stories reminds us how rich our culture is. We were treated to “Kantigas Muestras” by the Judeo Spanish Community singers with history and songs in
    Ladino. Devin Naar was the icing on an already rich day with his talk titled “Leshos de aki amo muy serka de korason” translated to “Far from here, but close to heart.” These were two amazing and incredibly enriching days. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to share in the riches of this program.


  2. I’m so grateful to all you you that are striving to keep this very rich, romantic and important culture alive. We Sephardim are truly blessed by the remarkable work of Dr. Bryan Kirschen. UCladino was simply fantastic. Thank you to all the participants, organizers and attendees who made this, once again an unforgetable experience.


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