Sephardic Films on TV This Weekend!!!

JLTV Presents: Sephardic Life in Film – A Celebration of Diversity


This Saturday night – sit back, turn on your TV, and watch some great movies!  Ladino songs, Sephardic culture and history – grab a handful of ‘bilibisis’, and enjoy!

Nationwide on DirecTV  (366) and on cable through Comcast, Time Warner and other multi-system operators. (To find the a cable network in your area visit Or plan to watch us live streaming on your computer, iPad or smartphone at




Sephardic Films

“The richness and diversity of the Jewish people is captivating, “ says Phil Blazer,founder and CEO of JLTV (Jewish Life Television). “We are pleased to make our platform available to film makers who want to share their work on the great diversity of Jewish tradition and culture around the world,” states Blazer.

JLTV is the only 24/7 Jewish-themed television network, available in over 47 million homes in all 50 states and in 127 countries via live stream on our website,

The Celebration of Diversity will premier with ‘Sephardic Life in Film’ in two segments, on Saturday nights, April 9 and April 16 and repeating on Monday nights, April 18 and April 25. This series will spotlight segments of the Sephardic experience in Seattle (The Sephardic Jews and the Pike Place Market) and Los Angeles (Once Upon a Time at 55th and Hoover), as well as offering the insightful story of Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Uziel, the first Sephardic Chief Rabbi Of Israel – a visionary leader, merging tradition and modernity (The Visionary), a beautiful look at the Sephardic world through words and music (Song of the Sephardi), and a peek at the Bukharian Museum in New York, (Aron Aronov and the Bukharian Museum).

Excitement is growing and reaction has been strong. There is tremendous enthusiasm from viewers, sponsors and the public. We look forward to sharing more films on the diversity of the Jewish experience in May as we commemorate Yom HaShoah. We are also hearing from viewers and film makers about their desire to see films about the rich traditions of Jews in the Arab world, Mizrahi Jews, as well as communities in Africa, Asia, and South America.    We are seeking films and sponsors to indeed, make that a reality.

Check your cable listings to find us on Direct TV nationwide, Time Warner, Comcast, Atlantic Broadband and a growing list of Cable providers.

To find the a cable network in your area visit   Or plan to watch us online on your computer, iPad or smartphone at

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