Fasulia (Green Beans a la Turka) {with added video!!}

For our last Rhodesli luncheon, we decided to have a homemade meal, “comida di casa”. Cooking for our families…we can do. Cooking for extended family gatherings, o.k. Cooking for a group of 100 (turned out to be 118)……a bit of a challenge!!!! However, an incredible group of volunteers made the arrangements, purchased and carted all the necessary ingredients, brought their recipes and energy and spent the day(s) in the Sisterhood Kitchen of STTI and got the job done!!!

Morrie Y. Angel made Fasulia (green beans) for us!

Here he shares his ingredients list and recipes:

(Green Beans a la Turka)

3 – 4 lbs Fresh Green Beans
2 Onions, peeled and chopped
2 Tblsp Olive Oil
2 Cans ( 14.5 oz size) Diced Tomatoes (Morrie prefers Fire Roasted)
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 Tblsp Sugar
1 Small Can Tomato Sauce
Mrs. Dash Seasoning, to taste

Wash and cut tips off green beans. If bean seems too long, cut in half.
Saute chopped onions in 2 tblsp oil, until translucent.
Add two cans of diced tomatoes, juice of 1 lemon and 1 tblsp of sugar. Add Mrs. Dash’s Seasoning, to taste.
Simmer for 20 – 30 minutes.

Add string beans to simmering sauce. Coat beans, bringing sauce up from bottom of pan. Add 1 small can of tomato sauce, for more “caldo” (sauce). Cook over medium heat for 1 hr, turning and basting every 15 minutes.

(editors note: Green beans were crisp, flavorful and excellent!!!!!!)

3 thoughts on “Fasulia (Green Beans a la Turka) {with added video!!}

  1. Looks delish. I remember our family gatherings at my grandmother’s house (Djamila Ezraty) and the fasulia looked just like this along with so many of her other sephardic goodies. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing from you guys.


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