“El Ultimo Sefardi”

A film made in 2004 originally for Spanish television, “El Ultimo Sefardi” is a documentary tracing the story of Sephardic Jews from the time of their expulsion from Spain. In Spanish and Ladino with Spanish subtitles (although I have read that there is a version with English subtitles), the film follows a young man, Eliezer Papo, born in Sarajevo, now an attorney, novelist, and rabbi living and teaching Ladino at Ben Gurion University in Israel, as he travels to the various countries the Sephardim traveled to and lived in. Part travelogue, part documentary….even if you do not know Spanish, enjoy the music and the sights. Runs approximately 1.5 hours.

‘Bavajadas De Benadam’ (People’s foolish little words)

This week, we note the passing in Seattle, WA of Leni LaMarche, author of the column “Bavajadas de Benadam”.
I always loved Leni’s stories and antecdotes. I am including a link to some of her columns, released by Congregation Ezra Bessaroth, as well as a biography of Leni from the Weaving Woman’s Words Project.

Leni was a delightful teacher and a talented storyteller. Enjoy her “Bavajadas”!
May her memory be a blessing.

From A Sephardic Scholar, An ‘Enlightened Torah’ Approach

An excellent article that appeared today in the New York Jewish Week. It highlights a new book by Rabbi Moshe Shamah, talking about the “classic” Sephardic worldview of ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’. I hope you will take a few minites and take a read: