Ashuplados (meringues),,,,,a Pesah treat!


Meringue clouds…..a divine confection of the Gods!  A special occasion delicacy passed down by our grandmothers !

Growing up, we knew it was a very special occasion when Grandma made Ashuplados……meringue clouds!  Sweet….light as a feather, a light shell on the outside. Texture, sweetness……simply….divine!!!

They look beautiful on a sweet table, and delight young and more mature and sophisticated palettes alike!

These are one of my mom’s signature delicacies.  Last year, we prepared this post when my mom made these for my young cousin’s  “Banyo di Novia”. (She prepared them again this month for the Brit Milah and Pidyon haBen of the new baby son of the same cousin……mashala!!!) They are a superb Pesah treat, as well.

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An Online Course: The Rise and Fall of Ladino Speaking Jews

What a spectacular opportunity!  An online class taught by Professor Devin Naar.  Dr. Naar is the Issac Alhadeff Professor in Sephardic Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle.  All the details are right here.  Class begins March 21……I am so looking forward to it!  Sign up!  Join me!

I am still glowing from the precious opportunity to learn with some wonderful people at the symposium, UCLadino.  I invite other attendees to share your experiences and observations with us all in the comments section.  What a joy it is to hear of the scholarship and study of Ladino and our Sephardic culture and traditions.   Along with the treat of seeing and hearing from Professors Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Devin Naar and Bryan Kirschen, it was a treat to hear Professor Jessica Marglin from USC and some of her very insightful students.  In addition, a collection of community members shared their Sephardic Stories with the symposia over the two days.

The are more opportunities ahead which we look forward to sharing.   For now…..check out Professor Naar’s online class.

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